No Credit Needed Financing


No credit? No cash? No worries! 

Get The Credit You Deserve 

Have you been turned down for jewelry financing because your credit score was less than perfect or you have no credit at all?

Would you opt out of a layaway and take it home today, if you were offered PROGRESSIVE NO CREDIT NEEDED financing with a 90 day payment option?

Do you pass on jewelry because you assume you can't afford the payments? Now is the time to make your jewelry dreams come true, Progressive No Credit Needed financing with payments as low as $30 a month!

With Progressive Leasing Financing with Unclaimed Diamonds is an easy and safe experience. 

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Unclaimed Diamonds goal is to GET YOU APPROVED, and make your jewelry dreams come true

Below is a checklist for qualification...

  • Employment
    Have you been employed with the same company for at least six months?

  • Income
    Do you earn $1,000 per month and deposit at least $500 per month into your checking account?

  • Checking Account with NO NSF's
    Do you have an active checking account and has it been open three months with at least five transactions in the last 30 days? Does your checking account have any NSFs or excessive overdrafts in the last 30 days?

PROGRESSIVE NO CREDIT NEEDED financing with 90 day payment option. Compare your options:

Compare Your Options


*PLEASE NOTE: Not every submitted application results in an immediate approval. In some cases additional information may be required to complete the approval process. Requested information may include:*

  • Last 90 days bank statements, up to and including date of resubmission
  • A voided check from submitted checking account (If a voided check cannot be obtained a bank verification form is available by request)
  • In rare cases a copy of a social security card may be requested
  • New Jersey residents are urged to contact Unclaimed Diamonds prior to submitting an application for Progressive No Credit Needed Financing
  • Our payment plan is all inclusive and comes with early pay off options. If paid in 90 days you only pay the invoice amount plus applicable taxes so the earlier you pay off, the more money you will save.