No Credit Needed Lease to Own Jewelry Program

Unclaimed Diamonds along with Progressive's 12 Month Lease-to-own instant decision are making jewelry dreams come true.

Jewelry lease to own is specially designed for people with a low credit score or with no credit at all or those that want to make a purchase without exposing their credit. We'll help you get approved, with easy to afford payments - as low as $30 a month, and 90-day payment option.

What is 12 Month Lease to Own Jewelry? Click Here

Below is a simple checklist for qualification...


You must be 18 years or older

Must have a vaild Social Security Number or ITIN

We accept Full Time Employment, self-employment, SS/VA/Retirement/Long Term Disability. 

Income You will have to ability to be approved reguardless of income level 
Checking Account 

You must have routing and account number for an open and valid checking account 

Must have a valid debit or credit card 

PROGRESSIVE NO CREDIT NEEDED 12 Month leasing with 90 day payment option. Compare your options: