Unclaimed Diamonds, Specializing in Engagement rings ,Wedding Sets, Diamonds, Gold and Platinum,
which people put on layaway and never claimed. You, the customer, pay only the balance due . . . That’s it!
"Have You Claimed Yours?" ®   “I Claimed Mine!”. ®

Television Commercials advertising our jewelry and diamond rings

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Unclaimed Diamonds featured on PHL17 - UNCF Youth Empowerment Segment
Unclaimed Diamonds UNCF youth empowerment scholarship segment in its entirety just in case you missed it as it air live this morning on PHL17... also be sure to check out Eye Opener Philly for other great local stories and profiles

Address: 113 South 8th Street
Philadelphia PA 19106
Telephone: (215)923-3210

Unclaimed Diamonds featured on Saving With 6-ABC

Saving with 6ABC does a feature on Unclaimed Diamonds.

Address: 113 South 8th Street
Philadelphia PA 19106
Telephone: (215)923-3210

Couple hears voice in the sky  

A couple in the street mysteriously hear a voice from the sky and see a beaming light from the sky guiding them to Unclaimed Diamonds. 

Unclaimed Diamonds.  113 South 8th Street.  Have you Claimed Yours?  I Claimed Mine!

Happy couple finds the right ring  

Unclaimed Diamonds Specializes in brand new jewelry items: diamonds, gold and platinum that people put on layaway and never picked up.

You the customer pay only the balance due!

Couple starts out of the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. The couple ends up in the Unclaimed Diamonds store and the woman happily displays her new ring.

People of Philadelphia claim theirs  

Many people from around Philadelphia including a Fire Man, a Radiologist and a mail man who can say, "I Claimed Mine®!"

Darryl Dawkins of the Philadelphia 76ers  

Darryl Dawkins of the Philadelphia 76ers,
"For a Slam Dunk Deal, Try Unclaimed Diamonds!"

A portion of sales from our jewelry and diamond sales always go to help the community  

$11,000 annual donation to the United Negro College Fund

As seen on FOX 29 News! Unclaimed Diamonds gives to help others. A news story about Unclaimed Diamonds $11,000 annual donation to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

Fox 29: "He [Matthew Sulby] gives to help others.  Not just a hundred here and there, but thousands.  This day, he writes a check for eleven grand to the United Negro College Fund." 

Matthew Sulby: "So if I have a little bit more than somebody else, and I have something extra to give, I can’t keep it all for myself.  So why not give a little bit to somebody to benefit them."

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loyal customer coming out - 5/1/2014
My fiancé and I left today extremely happy with my wedding set and his ring

Tyrona Brown - 10/24/2013
Unclaimed Diamonds is a great store

Thank You Susan - 8/15/2013
To whom this may concern, I just wanted to let you know, I was very pleased with the outstanding service I received from Susan, manager of Unclaimed Diamonds.

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Travel Reimbursement Campaign - 9/30/2013
We all know parking in town is expensive and Septa is too high! So coming into town is out of the question right? Maybe not… why not let Unclaimed Diamonds pay for your next trip to Jewelers Row?! Now through December 31st, 2013 tell us at Unclaimed Diamonds how you traveled to visit us and we will gladly reimburse your travel fees!

Unclaimed Diamonds You Tube Channel - 9/6/2011
Unclaimed Diamonds has gone You Tube with Daily promotions and specials

Win Lady B`s Diamonds - 8/15/2011
Register to win Lady B's Diamonds!

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