Unclaimed Diamonds Installment plan

Why Choose Installment plan for Diamonds and Jewelry?

There are several reasons people opt for a Installment plan over financing or lease to own. Consumers make the choice because they did not qualify for our lease to own program or simply do not have a checking accounts to apply with. There are those who have no established credit and therefore would not qualify for traditional financing.   Many customers do not need the merchandise immediately and wish to make variable payments until they are ready to take possession of their jewelry.

What is Unclaimed Diamonds Installment plan?

Since its inception and prior to No Credit Needed Lease to Own.  Unclaimed Diamonds has had an extensive Installment plan business.  Installment plan allows customers an opportunity to own jewelry by making payments without the burden of having to pay in full up front. Even with the introduction of our No Credit Needed Lease to Own program, Installment plan remains a viable option for customers that find themselves at a crossroad. Our Installment plan is a flexible tool that provides our customers with a unique payment option as we will hold the price on any item in the store.

When are my payments due?

When you start a Installment plan with us we will determine a scheduled due date for your payments based upon your specific needs. With the variable payment option our Installment plan can be customized to fit your needs. We will happily enroll you in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment schedule and insure your price will be held.

When will I receive my jewelry?

When a Installment plan is initiated Unclaimed Diamonds will retain procession of the jewelry price until final payment has been received, no jewelry will be released until final payment is confirmed. While our standard Installment plan is for 90 days there is no minimum term however plans longer than 90 days will be handled on an individual basis.

What if I want to cancel my Plan?

Part of our mission in providing our customers with a comfortable experience is the understanding that things change. You may cancel your Installment plan at any time during the course of it. If you wish to cancel , customers must call to obtain proper authorization. Failure to call may result in a 20% fee. Any with inactivity past our agreed upon schedule will be cancelled and be subject to 20% fee of initial price.

Is there an extended Installment plan option?

Our main goal is to provide you with the jewelry of your dreams,  With our flexible payment options we will work with customers on an individualized basis.