What is An Unclaimed Diamond?

An Unclaimed Diamond can be a piece of jewelry that someone put on layaway and never picked up, a manufacturer sample or over run ,or a unique manufacturer closeout item. We offer diamond engagement rings, fashion rings, wedding bands and sets, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more!

At Unclaimed Diamonds, after we confirm that the buyer can no longer afford the diamond, we offer these pieces of jewelry to you for our unclaimed price! 

Manufacture samples, over runs and close-outs are  all discounted and offered at the”unclaimed price”

We are the one and only registered and trademarked “Unclaimed Diamonds” in the United States of America. We sell unclaimed diamonds, unclaimed jewelry, unclaimed layaways and lost layaways. We are the first and only business that can make the claim to use the title “Unclaimed Diamonds.” Have you claimed yours? Shop online or in-store today!

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