How to wear and care your Unclaimed Diamonds

They say “diamonds are forever” and by “they” I mean people who know how to own and wear a diamond.

Among the secrets of keeping your diamond radiant is knowing when to keep it on and when to take it off.

That means no sports with your ring and please ladies remove it when doing the dishes,

Oh and ladies, tossing and turning with your jewelry on is a no-no, so before you dose off be sure to remove your ring…holding it by its band; not the stone and place it on your nightstand!

That said, if you’re going out for a romantic dinner with your special someone by all means let your diamond shine. Same goes for those important Holiday photos not to mention catching the envy of all your co-workers.

Your jewelry should be stored it in a soft fabric pouch or jewelry box, keeping it separate from other jewelry items. It’s really about common sense, things like keeping it away from children, not putting your hands in tight jean pockets or bare… knuckle… boxing.

 Last but not least, some simple maintenance will preserve your diamond for the next generation. The main reason diamonds look dull after some time is because the oils from your skin and beauty products get trapped under the surface of the stone.

So try to keep your diamonds away from lotion, perspiration and corrosive cleaners such as ammonia or bleach.

 If you want to clean your jewelry yourself we suggest a few spritzes of glass cleaner then a quick rinse in warm water. If you follow these tips your diamond should look stunning for many years to come. Remember; when in doubt ask one of our Unclaimed Diamonds specialists. Congratulations on claiming yours and keeping your jewelry radiant for generations to come