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What You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds offer a unique style to those looking to stand out from the crowd. Their rich, luxurious tone give them a regal sense of beauty perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands. Discover why the chocolate diamond is rising in popularity.

chocolate diamond

Chocolate Diamond Meaning

Brown is a color indicative of the many elements of natural Earth mixed together. This color makes us feel good, especially in the form of a chocolate diamond. Rich, chocolaty shades of brown evoke a sense of balance and connectedness, making these diamonds an excellent choice for engagement rings. They symbolize a sure and centered soul in a luxurious and exquisite way.

Chocolate Diamond Origin

Like any diamond, chocolate diamonds come from all over the globe. Chocolate diamonds are primarily found in Australia, Brazil, and the Congo. Where the chocolate diamond is cultivated from determines its hue.

Chocolate Diamond Quality

Chocolate diamonds are of high color and excellent quality, differentiating them from brown diamonds that can be found almost anywhere for a fraction of the cost. Less than 5% of the world's brown diamonds are categorized as chocolate diamonds.

Brown Diamond Color Scale

Light Champagne  > Champagne > Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamond Cost

Brown diamonds fall into the niche of rare naturally colored diamonds. Like yellow diamonds, they are a more affordable option. A 1 carat brown diamond starts around $2,500. On average most chocolate diamond rings range from $1,000-$5,000, which is a bit below the national average typically spent on an engagement ring.

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What You Need To Know About Blue Diamonds

In the past, clear diamonds were the most sought after for engagement rings and wedding bands. Today, colored diamonds have increased greatly in popularity, especially for newly engaged couples. Made famous by the Heart of the Ocean featured in the movie Titanic, blue is one of the most popular color diamonds.

blue diamond

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue diamond's represent faith and trust, important elements in any relationship. Diamonds with a blue hue are said to help protect against misunderstandings and unnecessary fights. Proposing with a blue diamond can symbolize how much you value your relationship, making it an obvious choice for an engagement ring or wedding band.

Blue Diamond Origin

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and hard to find. A majority of the world's blue diamond's originate from Rio Tinto's Argyle Mine, located in Australia, as well as Petra Diamonds' Cullinan Mine, located near Pretoria, South Africa. A very small amount of blue diamond's have been found near Goloconda, a mine in India.

Blue Diamond Quality

These extremely rare diamonds get their color from the presence of boron impurities found in the stone. Generally, blue diamond's have a hint of gray in them, particularly in the lighter versions. Blue diamonds are graded like regular diamonds. Ideal blue diamond's include excellent cut grades and a clarity grades of I1 or higher. Because the blue hue hides inclusions, there is a bit more leeway when it comes to the diamond's clarity.

Blue Diamond Color Scale

Light Blue > Fancy Light Blue > Fancy Blue > Fancy Intense Blue > Fancy Vivid Blue > Fancy Deep Blue > Fancy Dark Blue

Blue Diamond Cost

Blue diamonds are one of the most expensive diamond options. A 1/2 carat light colored blue diamond can cost as much as $50,000, while an intense blue diamond of the same size can cost upwards of $135,000. Larger blue diamonds in richer tones cost around $200,000. Ultimately, the price of a blue diamond is determined by its cut and clarity.

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What You Need To Know About Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds, also referred to as Canary Diamonds, offer a beautiful shine to any kind of jewelry, and is now being used in engagement rings and wedding bands more frequently, updating the traditional bride's look to what's new and next in diamond couture. Yellow diamonds are available at a variety of price points, making them one of the most popular colored diamond selections.

yellow diamond

Yellow Diamond Meaning

Diamonds are a symbol of love and devotion. Yellow diamonds are that and so much more! Yellow is a color that represents knowledge, intellect, and wisdom. It is a fun, uplifting color that evokes a sense of cheerfulness and optimism. A yellow diamond ring symbolizes the beginning or continuation of a life living happy and in love.

Yellow Diamond Origin

Yellow diamonds can be found all over the world, but they primarily originate from South Africa. They are available in every shape and size, from round to oval, cushion and princess cut. Each diamond is unique, varying in color intensity, ranging from light to vivid yellow.

Yellow Diamond Quality

Like other colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are found mixed with a secondary hue. Often, a yellow diamond will have appear brown, orange, or green in hue. In fact, the most famous yellow diamond is The Incomparable, which has a brownish yellow diamond and weighs in at 407.5 Carats - the third largest diamond in the world. Generally speaking, natural diamonds are worth a bit less than pure yellow (also known as Canary) diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Color Scale

Fancy Light Yellow > Fancy Yellow > Intense Yellow > Deep Yellow > Vivid Yellow

Yellow Diamond Cost

The vividness of the diamond ultimately determines the cost. For example, a Fancy Light Yellow Diamond might cost $3,500 while a Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond might cost $12,500. On average, a 1 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond can cost $5,000. Natural Yellow Diamonds are a buyer's most affordable option, priced similarly to traditional diamonds. Canary diamonds are worth a lot of money because they are rare and often found with a high clarity grading.

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Unclaimed Diamonds is proud to announce the winner of the 2016 Unclaimed Diamonds Scholarship, Anastasiya Chapko!

Anastasiya is a Centerville High School student from Dayton, Ohio who submitted an essay on how small businesses have been impacted by e-commerce and online shopping. Ms. Chapko's essay was entertaining and instructive, with an interesting perspective on the global marketplace and how the internet has become an important tool for business owners across the globe. Read the rest of Anastasiya's essay here.

The $1,000 scholarship will help Anastasiya as she studies computer engineering at the University of Cincinnati. This is the first year the Unclaimed Diamonds Scholarship, but we have always given to students seeking to further their education. For the last ten years, we have partnered with the United Negro College Fund to award a student in need with the Youth Empowerment Scholarship. In addition to these efforts, we also support the Urban Leagues Community Scholarship. We look forward to continuing to help college students like Anastasiya in the future.

We wish you the best of luck, Anastasiya!

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SAMS Community

6/2/2016 3:11 PM

Unclaimed Diamonds is proud to support the Sports and Mentoring Student Community. Sams Community is an exciting after-school program that offers tutoring, life skills workshops, health and fitness clinics, community service projects, and relationship building through mentoring. 

Letter from Samuel F. Grannum, Director - Sports and Mentoring Student Community.

Dear Mr. Sulby:

I just wanted to follow up with you to reiterate my thanks for your thoughtful donation to the Sports and Mentoring Student Community.

I’ve attached a few photos of our year. Additionally, I attached a letter from the two young men your donation directly sponsored this year. I wanted to wait to send you this letter because I wanted the students to share with you their feelings about their participation in the program so far this year. I wanted you to hear an authentic and personal account of their experience as opposed to simply receiving a letter of appreciation,

Personally, I was very encouraged to hear the words of their mother, Aja Sterling, as she also shared a few words for us both.

I am extremely thankful for your spirit in your donation. Your Facebook followers alone have helped us tremendously in raising awareness about our program. I did want to mention that we did not schedule a career day this season; My goal is to kick off the 2016-2017 season with a career day so that we can work on developing potential partnerships that could lead to apprenticeships, internships and career goals. I say all of this because I would like to have Corey Sullivan come and share his story with our students at that time.

May God continue to bless you for your kindness, Know that your gift will have a meaningful impact, not only on the lives of the students you directly sponsor, but the lives of all members of SAMS.

Thank you.


Samuel F. Grannum, Director— Sports and Mentoring Student Community
An outreach program of the New Covenant Church of Philadelphia


Read the full letter here and view letters from children participating in the programTo get involved in this wonderful program, visit their Facebook page or website


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Have you thought about sharing a symbol of your love with someone, but aren't sure how to go about it? Promise rings are a great way to share a future commitment with someone, whether that commitment is friendship or something more. Find out if a promise ring is right for you and your significant other!


  The symbolism of promise rings.

Promise rings serve as a physical way for you to share your love and commitment with someone. They serve as a way to say "I'm here to stay," and are appropriate for a significant other, your friend, or even a family member.

Note that promise rings are not always a sign of chastity. While a promise ring could serve as a promise to remain celibate, they don't have to. It all comes down to your personal intentions.


  Sounds perfect, but who can I give a promise ring to?

Anyone can give a promise ring to another person! Contrary to popular belief, promise rings are not just for teenagers or people who plan to get engaged in the future. People of all ages and sexual orientations give promise rings as gifts.

Promise rings can even be exchanged between friends to symbolize the strength and closeness of a relationship. When you give the gift of a promise ring, you can make your intentions clear to whomever you're giving it to.


  Which finger do I wear a promise ring on?

  Many people choose to wear their promise rings on their left ring finger, like they would an engagement ring. It's really up to your personal preference - you can wear a promise ring on any finger or hand.

What style of promise ring should I choose?

Promise rings are available in a variety of styles. They can be simple and sophisticated or bright and bold. Just like engagement rings, choosing the style of a promise ring comes down to your vision and the personality of the person you're giving the promise ring to.

92.5 Sterling Silver Diamond Ladies Heart Promise Ring 

 .10 tcw Diamond Promise Ring set in 10k Yellow Gold

Which ring would you choose? Start sharing your love and commitment today.

If you're ready to share your commitment with someone you love and care for, Unclaimed Diamonds has a beautiful collection of Promise Rings that will inspire a lasting relationship. “Have You Claimed Yours?”

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When it comes to buying an engagement ring, or any jewelry item many people often feel that by spending more, they are getting a higher quality diamond. This is not always the case! More often than not, the higher price tag only indicates the brand or a designer style they are paying for.

The notion of having to spend an unreasonable amount on jewelry (specifically engagement rings) puts many people who are cash strapped in quite a predicament, thinking they need to spend $5,000 when they can only afford to spend a few hundred.

Many consumers feel that they have little to no options when it comes to the purchase of big ticket items like jewelry, cars, and appliances. What's more, many retailers refuse customers with a little or no credit rating, limiting these customers options.

Layaway has been a popular solution for many shoppers. An item is placed on hold and paid off in small amounts, often taking many months. The problem with layaway is the lack of instant gratification. You can't take the item home until it is paid in full.

Why put Jewelry on layaway when you can take it home today at the unclaimed price?

If you have been employed by the same company for at least six months, earn at least $1000 a month depositing at least $500 into your checking account, you can take home an Unclaimed Diamond today! We make shopping for diamond jewelry quick and easy, with no money down, no hidden fees, and no long-term commitment.

But the best part is NO CREDIT CHECK and with a 90 days same as cash option you only pay the “unclaimed price.” What's more one of our financial partners reports your timely payments to Equifax, helping you to build your credit rating.

Unclaimed Diamonds is the only jeweler where you'll find stunning diamond engagement rings available to those with negative credit ratings or have never established credit . All your purchases are fully guaranteed and warranteed.  At Unclaimed Diamonds, No Cash, No Credit is No Problem!

By offering diamonds at their “unclaimed price” and financing options that work for your specific pay schedule, customers can get the jewelry they're looking for at a price and a payment  they can afford. Why layaway when you can take it home today?

If you buy with us, use promotional code “unclaimed” to receive 10% off your purchase at check out

The only question is…..

Have you claimed yours?     Shop now.

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Looking for a great value for money engagement ring? Join Unclaimed Diamonds as we uncover why buying a flower top, micro bead or halo style engagement ring is great value for your money as compared to a traditional single stone engagement ring.

Traditional engagement ring styles include the solitaire, which features one single diamond. There is also the solitaire with side accents, which have a large diamond as the focal point that is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds. Three-stone rings are another traditional engagement ring option, which have three diamonds to symbolize your past, present and future.

While these styles are all beautiful, they don't always offer you the best value for your money. When compared to traditional engagement ring styles, Flower Top, Halo, Micro Pave and Invisible Set diamond rings are stunning options that are well worth the investment.

Micro Bead/Micro Pave

These rings are named for the way small diamonds are set onto the surface of the ring. This method is used to create stunning halo and flower top rings. Micro Pave rings are uniquely beautiful because you are creating an elaborate display of diamonds. Using smaller diamonds to surround the larger diamond in the ring wastes less space and boosts the shine of the ring! This design creates a diamond-encrusted look full of sparkling brilliance.

Halo Style Ring

A halo ring is classified as having any encompassing shape surrounding a center stone. Halos can be found in circular, oval, or square shapes that encapsulate and complement a diamond. You can find different varieties of halo rings, including single and double halo rings.

  • Single Halo - One row of diamonds surrounding and magnifying a central diamond. 
  • Double Halo - Two rows of diamonds surrounding and magnifying a central diamond.

The halo adds more width to the ring overall, making the center diamond look larger at a more affordable price point. In addition, the halo around the diamond enrich the color and the brightness of the central diamond.

Flower Top Ring

A specific micro bead styling, these stunning rings are similar in appearance to the halo style, with the small diamonds that surround the center diamond form a floral pattern. These rings are a stunning option that use of multiple diamonds to showcase your love and commitment.

Invisible Set Ring

In this type of setting the diamonds and/or gemstones are held in place by tiny grooves that are precision cut into the sides of the stones, whereby they snap into place very much like a puzzle.The diamonds used are mainly princess cut whereby we can use six or nine smaller diamonds to create the look of a much larger diamond.

Find the perfect engagement ring with the best value at its unclaimed price, only at Unclaimed Diamonds!

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Buying an engagement ring is an exciting step in life, but it can also be quite stressful. The price of a designer engagement ring alone can be enough to break the bank, especially when you consider all of the other costs associated with a wedding.

High-end brand names own the market and control the prices of luxury items. Jewelry is no exception.. Many consumers make their purchases based solely on brand. In reality, jewelry retailers with widely known names can charge more for a piece of jewelry simply because of the name behind the diamond.

You don't need to buy a brand name engagement ring to impress the love of your life. Here's why:

  • If you like it, buy it! When you're buying designer, what you're really paying for is the name. These brands are marketed in such a way to attract as many people as possible to the allure of a name.  If you see a diamond ring that you like and it is one that you know your partner will love, buy it, regardless of who designed it.  

  • Diamonds are diamonds! There is no such thing as a designer diamond.  All things being equal the diamond in a ring from Tiffany’s is no better than an Unclaimed Diamond

Now let's put you to the test. Take a look at two similar engagement rings, a Neil Lane Designer Ring from Jared and a 1.75 tcw Women's Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Unclaimed Diamonds....

1.60 tcw. Neil Lane Designer Ring from Jared

1.75 tcw.. Diamond Ring from Unclaimed Diamonds

Jarad Ring Unclaimed Diamonds Ring

Price:  $4200.00  

Price:  $3080.00  

Which ring would you choose? If you chose with your eyes, click here to learn more. 

Buy with your eyes, not what you can’t see. Shop the selection of high quality styles at Unclaimed Diamonds to find the perfect diamond ring at the unclaimed price.

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