What To Know About Black Diamonds | Meaning, Quality, & Cost

What Are Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are a stunning way to accessorize an outfit and an even better way to show someone you love them! While they don’t sparkle in the same way that white diamonds do, they are uniquely beautiful in their own way. Black diamonds are an affordable option when it comes to engagement rings. They are also a great option for wedding bands, promise rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.

Black Diamond Meaning

Black is a color symbolic of power, strength, certainty and passion. What better color to showcase your commitment to a loved one than with a black diamond engagement ring? These diamonds are also stunning in necklaces, earrings, and watches ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

Black Diamond Origin

Black diamonds are harvested in Brazil and Central Africa. Natural black diamonds are rare. These diamonds, also called Natural Fancy Black Diamonds, are real diamonds filled with dark inclusions (typically graphite). The “Fancy” intensity describes diamonds that have trapped foreign particles during their crystallization process that ultimately alter the color of the diamond. They don’t reflect natural light because of their polycrystalline structure, which is what gives them their opaque appearance.

Black Diamond Quality

Black diamonds are just as durable as white diamonds. In fact, because of their many inclusions, they are often more difficult to cut and polish. It’s important to take care when polishing black diamonds, as being too rough can cause blemishes in the surface. While black diamonds aren’t the rarest, they are highly valued for their beauty and allure. You’ll often find black diamonds used in men’s jewelry, as the color ads a masculine touch to otherwise delicate items like rings and watches.

Black Diamond Cost

Black diamonds typically cost less than white diamonds. On average, a 1 carat heat-treated black diamond can cost anywhere from $1,400-$1,700. Natural Fancy black diamonds can cost upwards of $3,000-$5,000.

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