What To Know About Colored Diamonds | Meaning, Quality, & Cost

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond, colored diamonds are an excellent choice. Available in a wide variety of colors, this guide will help you choose between brilliantly sparkling purple, pink, red, chocolate, yellow, green, and blue diamonds.

Purple Diamonds

They’re stunningly beautiful, often featuring a pink, brown, or red overtone. Pure purple is the second rarest color of diamond in the world.

Purple Diamond Meaning

Purple is a color that symbolizes passion, mystery, magic, and royalty, making it the perfect addition to an engagement or promise ring. Purple objects are said to define the feeling of calm and are said to help bring balance back to your life.

Purple Diamond Quality & Origin

Purple diamonds are found at the Argyle mine in Western Australia as well as Canada, Russia, and the Amazon. Scientists attribute purple diamond’s color to the high presence of Hydrogen in the gems.

Purple Diamond Color Scale

There are many names for the variety of purple diamonds that exist: Plum diamonds, Orchid diamonds, Lilac diamonds, Mauve diamonds, Lavender diamonds, and Grape diamonds.

Faint > Very Light > Light > Fancy Light > Fancy > Fancy Intense > Fancy Vivid, Deep, or Dark

Purple Diamond Cost

Purple diamonds are extremely rare, which drastically increasing their value and overall cost. The most famous purple diamond was showcased at the Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair. The 3.37-carat gem called the Purple Orchid was priced at nearly $4 million.  

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Pink Diamonds

Like red diamonds, pink diamonds are beautiful and extremely rare. Only a few of them are produced each year, making them extremely valuable. The Pink Star is a completely flawless pink diamond, one of the rarest in the world.

Pink Diamond Meaning

The soft, pastel hue of a pink diamond evokes a delicate, feminine touch. They work wonderfully in accent jewelry or as a striking centerpiece. Pink is a color that symbolizes gentleness, love, and compassion, making pink diamonds the perfect gift for friends or loved ones.

Pink Diamond Quality & Origin

Pink diamonds are found at the Argyle mine in Western Australia. Pink diamonds get their hue from seismic activity that creates a shift in the crystal structure of the diamond, resulting in a beautiful shade of blush.

Pink Diamond Color Scale

Light > Fancy Light > Fancy > Fancy Intense > Fancy Vivid > Fancy Deep > Fancy Dark

Pink Diamond Cost

Like other diamonds, the cost of a pink diamond depends on the cut and quality of the stone. For instance, a .6 Carat Flawless Fancy Light Pink diamond costs upwards of $10,000. Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds are some of the most expensive, costing as much as $260,000.

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Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are stunning and extremely rare. The most expensive red diamond, called the Hancock Red, sold for over $926,000 per carat. This historical diamond was purchased some 30 years prior for a mere $13,500. Red diamonds continue to break records at auctions as some of the most exclusive and valuable diamonds in the world.

Red Diamond Meaning

Red diamonds color symbolizes passion, power, and ritual. Red diamonds also symbolize form and the ability to be flexible within our form. Red Diamond Origin Red diamonds originate in Australia, Brazil, Russia, and India, but can also be produced in a lab with the right amount of pressure and high temperature treatment.

Red Diamond Quality

Naturally colored red diamonds are an extremely rare find. They do not contain any impurities and are made of pure carbon. Gemologists believe the lattice defect is what causes the red color, which shows the stress lamination caused during formation. When light passes through the deformed internal structure, the light bending results in the color red.

Red Diamond Color Scale

You can find red diamonds in a variety of shades, like coral or pink, there are very few diamonds that are truly considered red.

Fancy Vivid Red> Fancy Deep Red Red

Red Diamond Cost

Diamond Cost A red diamonds cost is determined by the intensity of its color. The more intense the base color of the diamond, the more valuable it will be. Only 30 true gem-quality diamonds are said to exist.

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Green Diamonds

Green diamonds, also referred to as chameleon diamonds, are extremely rare. They can be found in a variety of shades, from olive to yellow-green. The Dresden Green diamond is one of the most famous, second only to the Fancy Green Aurura Diamond, which weighs in at over 5 carats. Green diamonds are extremely difficult to find. If you’re looking for something completely unique in terms of jewelry, seek out a green diamond!

Green Diamond Meaning

Green is a color that symbolizes youth, vigor, activity, and life. It is also the color of nature, abundance, and prosperity. Proposing with a green diamond or incorporating green diamonds into your wedding band can symbolize the fresh start of a new life together.

Green Diamond Origin

Green diamonds originate from radiation crystal diamonds are exposed to during and after formation. Colorless diamonds are transformed under high pressures hundreds of feet under the ground. The green color occurs after the diamond is completely crystalized, which typically occurs as the diamond moves through the deep underground and passes volcano vents, where it is exposed to direct radiation. They are extremely rare, but can be found in Borneo and Central Africa.

Green Diamond Quality

Naturally colored green diamonds are an extremely rare find. Because of this, any green diamond is examined with the utmost scrutiny. Regardless of how they are tested, it is often difficult for gemologists to determine the color origin of a green diamond. 

Green Diamond Color Scale

Faint Green > Light Green > Fancy Light Green > Fancy Green > Fancy Intense Green > Fancy Vivid Green > Fancy Deep Green

Green Diamond Cost

A green diamonds cost is determined by the intensity of its color. The more intense the base color of the diamond, the more valuable it will be. Green diamonds that are classified as Fancy, Fancy Intense, or Fancy Vivid command the highest prices in the green diamond market.

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Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds offer a unique style to those looking to stand out from the crowd. Their rich, luxurious tone give them a regal sense of beauty perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands. Discover why the chocolate diamond is rising in popularity.

Chocolate Diamond Meaning

Brown is a color indicative of the many elements of natural Earth mixed together. This color makes us feel good, especially in the form of a chocolate diamond. Rich, chocolaty shades of brown evoke a sense of balance and connectedness, making these diamonds an excellent choice for engagement rings. They symbolize a sure and centered soul in a luxurious and exquisite way.

Chocolate Diamond Origin

Like any diamond, chocolate diamonds come from all over the globe. Chocolate diamonds are primarily found in Australia, Brazil, and the Congo. Where the chocolate diamond is cultivated from determines its hue.

Chocolate Diamond Quality

Chocolate diamonds are of high color and excellent quality, differentiating them from brown diamonds that can be found almost anywhere for a fraction of the cost. Less than 5% of the world’s brown diamonds are categorized as chocolate diamonds.

Brown Diamond Color Scale

Light Champagne  > Champagne > Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamond Cost

Brown diamonds fall into the niche of rare naturally colored diamonds. Like yellow diamonds, they are a more affordable option. A 1 carat brown diamond starts around $2,500. On average most chocolate diamond rings range from $1,000-$5,000, which is a bit below the national average typically spent on an engagement ring.

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Blue Diamonds

In the past, clear diamonds were the most sought after for engagement rings and wedding bands. Today, colored diamonds have increased greatly in popularity, especially for newly engaged couples. Made famous by the Heart of the Ocean featured in the movie Titanic, blue is one of the most popular color diamonds.

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue diamond’s represent faith and trust, important elements in any relationship. Diamonds with a blue hue are said to help protect against misunderstandings and unnecessary fights. Proposing with a blue diamond can symbolize how much you value your relationship, making it an obvious choice for an engagement ring or wedding band.

Blue Diamond Origin

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and hard to find. A majority of the world’s blue diamond’s originate from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine, located in Australia, as well as Petra Diamonds’ Cullinan Mine, located near Pretoria, South Africa. A very small amount of blue diamond’s have been found near Goloconda, a mine in India.

Blue Diamond Quality

These extremely rare diamonds get their color from the presence of boron impurities found in the stone. Generally, blue diamond’s have a hint of gray in them, particularly in the lighter versions. Blue diamonds are graded like regular diamonds. Ideal blue diamond’s include excellent cut grades and a clarity grades of I1 or higher. Because the blue hue hides inclusions, there is a bit more leeway when it comes to the diamond’s clarity.

Blue Diamond Color Scale

Light Blue > Fancy Light Blue > Fancy Blue > Fancy Intense Blue > Fancy Vivid Blue > Fancy Deep Blue > Fancy Dark Blue

Blue Diamond Cost

Blue diamonds are one of the most expensive diamond options. A 1/2 carat light colored blue diamond can cost as much as $50,000, while an intense blue diamond of the same size can cost upwards of $135,000. Larger blue diamonds in richer tones cost around $200,000. Ultimately, the price of a blue diamond is determined by its cut and clarity.

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Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds, also referred to as Canary Diamonds, offer a beautiful shine to any kind of jewelry, and is now being used in engagement rings and wedding bands more frequently, updating the traditional bride’s look to what’s new and next in diamond couture. Yellow diamonds are available at a variety of price points, making them one of the most popular colored diamond selections.

Yellow Diamond Meaning

Diamonds are a symbol of love and devotion. Yellow diamonds are that and so much more! Yellow is a color that represents knowledge, intellect, and wisdom. It is a fun, uplifting color that evokes a sense of cheerfulness and optimism. A yellow diamond ring symbolizes the beginning or continuation of a life living happy and in love.

Yellow Diamond Origin

Yellow diamonds can be found all over the world, but they primarily originate from South Africa. They are available in every shape and size, from round to oval, cushion and princess cut. Each diamond is unique, varying in color intensity, ranging from light to vivid yellow.

Yellow Diamond Quality

Like other colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are found mixed with a secondary hue. Often, a yellow diamond will have appear brown, orange, or green in hue. In fact, the most famous yellow diamond is The Incomparable, which has a brownish yellow diamond and weighs in at 407.5 Carats – the third largest diamond in the world. Generally speaking, natural diamonds are worth a bit less than pure yellow (also known as Canary) diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Color Scale

Fancy Light Yellow > Fancy Yellow > Intense Yellow > Deep Yellow > Vivid Yellow

Yellow Diamond Cost

The vividness of the diamond ultimately determines the cost. For example, a Fancy Light Yellow Diamond might cost $3,500 while a Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond might cost $12,500. On average, a 1 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond can cost $5,000. Natural Yellow Diamonds are a buyer’s most affordable option, priced similarly to traditional diamonds. Canary diamonds are worth a lot of money because they are rare and often found with a high clarity grading.

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