What To Know About Blue Diamonds | Meaning, Quality, & Cost

What Are Blue Diamonds

In the past, clear diamonds were the most sought after for engagement rings and wedding bands. Today, colored diamonds have increased greatly in popularity, especially for newly engaged couples. Made famous by the Heart of the Ocean featured in the movie Titanic, blue is one of the most popular color diamonds.

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue diamond’s represent faith and trust, important elements in any relationship. Diamonds with a blue hue are said to help protect against misunderstandings and unnecessary fights. Proposing with a blue diamond can symbolize how much you value your relationship, making it an obvious choice for an engagement ring or wedding band.

Blue Diamond Origin

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and hard to find. A majority of the world’s blue diamond’s originate from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine, located in Australia, as well as Petra Diamonds’ Cullinan Mine, located near Pretoria, South Africa. A very small amount of blue diamond’s have been found near Goloconda, a mine in India.

Blue Diamond Quality

These extremely rare diamonds get their color from the presence of boron impurities found in the stone. Generally, blue diamond’s have a hint of gray in them, particularly in the lighter versions. Blue diamonds are graded like regular diamonds. Ideal blue diamond’s include excellent cut grades and a clarity grades of I1 or higher. Because the blue hue hides inclusions, there is a bit more leeway when it comes to the diamond’s clarity.

Blue Diamond Color Scale

Light Blue > Fancy Light Blue > Fancy Blue > Fancy Intense Blue > Fancy Vivid Blue > Fancy Deep Blue > Fancy Dark Blue

Blue Diamond Cost

Blue diamonds are one of the most expensive diamond options. A 1/2 carat light colored blue diamond can cost as much as $50,000, while an intense blue diamond of the same size can cost upwards of $135,000. Larger blue diamonds in richer tones cost around $200,000. Ultimately, the price of a blue diamond is determined by its cut and clarity.

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