What To Know About Green Diamonds | Meaning, Quality, & Cost

What Are Green Diamonds

Green diamonds, also referred to as chameleon diamonds, are extremely rare. They can be found in a variety of shades, from olive to yellow-green. The Dresden Green diamond is one of the most famous, second only to the Fancy Green Aurura Diamond, which weighs in at over 5 carats. Green diamonds are extremely difficult to find. If you’re looking for something completely unique in terms of jewelry, seek out a green diamond!

Green Diamond Meaning

Green is a color that symbolizes youth, vigor, activity, and life. It is also the color of nature, abundance, and prosperity. Proposing with a green diamond or incorporating green diamonds into your wedding band can symbolize the fresh start of a new life together.

Green Diamond Origin

Green diamonds originate from radiation crystal diamonds are exposed to during and after formation. Colorless diamonds are transformed under high pressures hundreds of feet under the ground. The green color occurs after the diamond is completely crystalized, which typically occurs as the diamond moves through the deep underground and passes volcano vents, where it is exposed to direct radiation. They are extremely rare, but can be found in Borneo and Central Africa.

Green Diamond Quality

Naturally colored green diamonds are an extremely rare find. Because of this, any green diamond is examined with the utmost scrutiny. Regardless of how they are tested, it is often difficult for gemologists to determine the color origin of a green diamond. 

Green Diamond Color Scale

Faint Green > Light Green > Fancy Light Green > Fancy Green > Fancy Intense Green > Fancy Vivid Green > Fancy Deep Green

Green Diamond Cost

A green diamonds cost is determined by the intensity of its color. The more intense the base color of the diamond, the more valuable it will be. Green diamonds that are classified as Fancy, Fancy Intense, or Fancy Vivid command the highest prices in the green diamond market.

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