What You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamonds

What Are Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds offer a unique style to those looking to stand out from the crowd. Their rich, luxurious tone give them a regal sense of beauty perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands. Discover why the chocolate diamond is rising in popularity.

Chocolate Diamond Meaning

Brown is a color indicative of the many elements of natural Earth mixed together. This color makes us feel good, especially in the form of a chocolate diamond. Rich, chocolaty shades of brown evoke a sense of balance and connectedness, making these diamonds an excellent choice for engagement rings. They symbolize a sure and centered soul in a luxurious and exquisite way.

Chocolate Diamond Origin

Like any diamond, chocolate diamonds come from all over the globe. Chocolate diamonds are primarily found in Australia, Brazil, and the Congo. Where the chocolate diamond is cultivated from determines its hue.

Chocolate Diamond Quality

Chocolate diamonds are of high color and excellent quality, differentiating them from brown diamonds that can be found almost anywhere for a fraction of the cost. Less than 5% of the world’s brown diamonds are categorized as chocolate diamonds.

Brown Diamond Color Scale

Light Champagne  > Champagne > Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamond Cost

Brown diamonds fall into the niche of rare naturally colored diamonds. Like yellow diamonds, they are a more affordable option. A 1 carat brown diamond starts around $2,500. On average most chocolate diamond rings range from $1,000-$5,000, which is a bit below the national average typically spent on an engagement ring.

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