Buy With Your Eyes

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting step in life, but it can also be quite stressful. The price of a designer engagement ring alone can be enough to break the bank, especially when you consider all of the other costs associated with a wedding.

High-end brand names own the market and control the prices of luxury items. Jewelry is no exception.. Many consumers make their purchases based solely on brand. In reality, jewelry retailers with widely known names can charge more for a piece of jewelry simply because of the name behind the diamond.

You don’t need to buy a brand name engagement ring to impress the love of your life. Here’s why:

  • If you like it, buy it! When you’re buying designer, what you’re really paying for is the name. These brands are marketed in such a way to attract as many people as possible to the allure of a name.  If you see a diamond ring that you like and it is one that you know your partner will love, buy it, regardless of who designed it.  
  • Diamonds are diamonds! There is no such thing as a designer diamond.  All things being equal the diamond in a ring from Tiffany’s is no better than an Unclaimed Diamond

Now let’s put you to the test. Take a look at two similar engagement rings, a Neil Lane Designer Ring from Jared and a 1.75 tcw Women’s Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Unclaimed Diamonds….

1.60 tcw. Neil Lane Designer Ring from Jared1.75 tcw.. Diamond Ring from Unclaimed Diamonds
Price:  $4200.00  Price:  $3080.00  

Which ring would you choose? If you chose with your eyes, click here to learn more. 

Buy with your eyes, not what you can’t see. Shop the selection of high quality styles at Unclaimed Diamonds to find the perfect diamond ring at the unclaimed price.