Buying For Value

Looking for a great value for money engagement ring? Join Unclaimed Diamonds as we uncover why buying a flower top, micro bead or halo style engagement ring is great value for your money as compared to a traditional single stone engagement ring.

Traditional engagement ring styles include the solitaire, which features one single diamond. There is also the solitaire with side accents, which have a large diamond as the focal point that is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds. Three-stone rings are another traditional engagement ring option, which have three diamonds to symbolize your past, present and future.

While these styles are all beautiful, they don’t always offer you the best value for your money. When compared to traditional engagement ring styles, Flower Top, Halo, Micro Pave and Invisible Set diamond rings are stunning options that are well worth the investment.

Micro Bead/Micro Pave

These rings are named for the way small diamonds are set onto the surface of the ring. This method is used to create stunning halo and flower top rings. Micro Pave rings are uniquely beautiful because you are creating an elaborate display of diamonds. Using smaller diamonds to surround the larger diamond in the ring wastes less space and boosts the shine of the ring! This design creates a diamond-encrusted look full of sparkling brilliance.

Halo Style Ring

A halo ring is classified as having any encompassing shape surrounding a center stone. Halos can be found in circular, oval, or square shapes that encapsulate and complement a diamond. You can find different varieties of halo rings, including single and double halo rings.

  • Single Halo – One row of diamonds surrounding and magnifying a central diamond. 
  • Double Halo – Two rows of diamonds surrounding and magnifying a central diamond.

The halo adds more width to the ring overall, making the center diamond look larger at a more affordable price point. In addition, the halo around the diamond enrich the color and the brightness of the central diamond.

Flower Top Ring

A specific micro bead styling, these stunning rings are similar in appearance to the halo style, with the small diamonds that surround the center diamond form a floral pattern. These rings are a stunning option that use of multiple diamonds to showcase your love and commitment.

Invisible Set Ring

In this type of setting the diamonds and/or gemstones are held in place by tiny grooves that are precision cut into the sides of the stones, whereby they snap into place very much like a puzzle.The diamonds used are mainly princess cut whereby we can use six or nine smaller diamonds to create the look of a much larger diamond.

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