Is A Promise Ring Right For You?

Have you thought about sharing a symbol of your love with someone, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Promise rings are a great way to share a future commitment with someone, whether that commitment is friendship or something more. Find out if a promise ring is right for you and your significant other!

The symbolism of promise rings.

Promise rings serve as a physical way for you to share your love and commitment with someone. They serve as a way to say “I’m here to stay,” and are appropriate for a significant other, your friend, or even a family member.

Note that promise rings are not always a sign of chastity. While a promise ring could serve as a promise to remain celibate, they don’t have to. It all comes down to your personal intentions.

Sounds perfect, but who can I give a promise ring to?

Anyone can give a promise ring to another person! Contrary to popular belief, promise rings are not just for teenagers or people who plan to get engaged in the future. People of all ages and sexual orientations give promise rings as gifts.

Promise rings can even be exchanged between friends to symbolize the strength and closeness of a relationship. When you give the gift of a promise ring, you can make your intentions clear to whomever you’re giving it to.

Which finger do I wear a promise ring on?

Many people choose to wear their promise rings on their left ring finger, like they would an engagement ring. It’s really up to your personal preference – you can wear a promise ring on any finger or hand.

Promise rings are available in a variety of styles. They can be simple and sophisticated or bright and bold. Just like engagement rings, choosing the style of a promise ring comes down to your vision and the personality of the person you’re giving the promise ring to.

Which ring would you choose? Start sharing your love and commitment today.

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